Fannie is a typeface inspired by Massachusetts quilts and designed using Adobe Illustrator for iPad. The project was commissioned by the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund.

The week I was commissioned I had been at a sidewalk sale and came across Massachusetts Quilts, a large book documenting pre-1950 quilts in private and museum collections locally. With inspiration from the geometric patterning and systematic relationships in these quilts I chose to create a blackletter-esque custom typeface, grounded in quiltwork.

Fannie is an open source typeface and can be downloaded here.

Fannie, a typeface–––
Commissioned by Adobe for the Creative Residency Community Fund
Nov – Dec 2020

In addition to the typeface itself, I also used Illustrator for iPad to create a number of images promoting and showcasing the alphabet, embracing the grid used to create it.

Boston, MA